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We just bought a Brother printer (MFC-9340CDW). I am currently setting up “Scan to file” so everyone can scan to their computers directly from the printer. Although we can successfully browse the server folder (2016), it won’t let me go through the scan-to-file setting. Instead, it says “connecting to computer,” then returns to the start screen.

The printer’s sleek design saves space and can be used for scanning. However, there may be issues with scanning. Mishandling the machines is the leading cause of most problems. Sometimes, however, the Brother printer will not scan due to software issues. If you’re using Windows 10, the pain is more severe. Other technical problems could also cause these glitches. No matter what the cause, this article will help you identify the problem and then fix it immediately. You don’t have to wonder why Brother Printers can’t scan, but you should follow these tips to resolve the issue.

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The majority of the manual doesn’t contain information on troubleshooting steps that are the solutions to every error you might face. For example, the Brother Printer won’t scan Windows 10 if Windows 10 is used.

Brother Printers are reliable and user-friendly, and they take up less space and have many more features. This printer can be used for printing, scanning, and faxing, and it might not be able to scan if your Windows operating system is upgraded to Windows 10.

This article will help you to resolve the problem.

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Why is my Brother printer not scanning?

Answering this question can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Before we get into the details of Brother printer problems, let’s first look at why Brother printers won’t scan. These glitches can occur for many reasons, and let’s look at each step.

  • When your computer is turned on, check for errors. The main reason that the Brother scanner won’t scan your computer is if there is an active error tab. Scanning and printing won’t work even if the computer is turned on; scanning and printing won’t work.
  • The machine itself is the Next Issue. Sometimes you might be trying to scan paperwork or print a document, but the device isn’t powered on. Check the active status of the printer and the connection on your computer monitor.
  • Although you’ve solved the fundamental connection problem, your Brother printer still won’t scan. It could also be due to mismatches in network settings. In the next section, we will help you fix the problem.
  • Sometimes, firewall settings can also block the pairing between the printer and the computer. This could also explain why scanning isn’t working.

We have now listed the most common and practical problems. We will now give you quick tips for fixing them.

How can I resolve the Brother Printer that won’t scan Windows 10 issue?

After upgrading to Windows 10, check that the driver is correctly setting the network if your scanner stops working. This is a common problem in Windows 10, especially the most recent version. Don’t panic if your scanner doesn’t work in Windows 10. These scanner problems have been reported by many Windows 10 users. To fix your situation, you can use any of the following:

Method 1: Make sure the printer machine is powered on

When you turn on your Brother Printer, you’ll see a blank LCD screen. This means that the device is either in sleep mode or off. To check if your Brother printer is in sleep mode, you can press the button on the printer and verify that the connection is correct.

Method 2: Verify the Connection

It is essential to determine whether the Brother printer is scanning documents via the network scanner tool. You might have problems scanning documents with your Brother printer if there is a problem with communication between the two devices. You should therefore check your connection immediately and resolve any issues if possible.

Method 3: Make sure the printer is printing

If you have scanning problems such as a Brother printer not scanning to a computer, verifying that the printing option works correctly is essential. This is how to do it:

  • Click the “Start” button to select “Control Panel” from a list of applications.
  • Tap on “Hardware & Sound,” then click “Devices & Printers.”
  • Right-click your Brother Printer, then select Properties from its context menu.
  • Click “Print Test Page” to check if the printer is printing correctly, click “Print Test Page.”

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Method 4: Verify the IP address of your Brother printer

You will need to print a network list. Follow the steps below to print the network configuration listing, including the network print server settings.

  • Click the Menu button to activate your Brother Printer.
  • Next, scroll through Print Reports > network configuration and click OK.
  • Click on either Black (Mono), Start, or Color Start.
  • Finally, click the Stop/Exit button.

If the IP address appears on the network configuration listing as, wait a while and try again.

Why is my Brother scanner not working?

How to fix a Brother scanner that isn’t working? The printer is not responding, but it is connected to the computer. 

Control centers can fix scan problems. Windows scan issues can occur for many reasons. The brother printer is unable to print using the brother control center. You may need to replace your router or network equipment.

What should I do if my Brother printer scanner is not working

Driver issues, scanner network issues, and application problems. If your wireless router has been replaced and you have not connected your device wirelessly. You will now need to connect it to the router. You can search the database by clicking the link at the bottom. These instructions will show you how to connect your machine to a wireless network. To ensure your Brother scanner driver is correctly identified, you will first need to verify that the Brother scanner driver has been installed.

In the search box at the top of the windows taskbar, type the control panel. Next, select the control panel in the upper right corner of the control panel window type scans and hit enter. Next, click View scanners and Cameras to locate your brother’s device in the available scanners. Click properties to select your brother printer. To verify that your device has been added to the network, click on the network settings tab.

Brother printer won’t scan Check connection.

Your device will be added to the list if connected to the network. Click the refresh button if your device is still not found. If your device is not found, you will need to restart the router’s power supply. Once the Brother device and computer are found, you can try searching for it again. If the Brother printer is still not found, you will need to install it on the wireless network.

After the device has been found, click OK and scan a document using the brother control center. You can try again checking a record with the brother control center if you are still having trouble. Select the network settings tab and specify your machine’s ip address. Click OK and scan again. If errors persist, visit the brother page to learn more about brother scanner problems.

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