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How to Fix Canon Printer Error 6000

How to fix Canon Printer Error 6000? In the realm of printers, Canon still makes headway. Canon’s features are top of the line, and users enjoy a smooth working experience. There are times when minor issues occur when working with such devices. Many Canon printer owners report errors of 6000.

There is no specific reason that could cause this error; however, the issue occurs because of some unfavorable circumstances, such as the absence of the feed line scratch line feed or jump sensor that is not working.

Canon is a highly sought-after brand when it comes to different electrical devices. One Canon product is top-rated and a hit for its wide selection of printers. While Canon printers are among the most reliable printers globally, there may be issues due to regular use or when the printer becomes old. One point that often annoys customers isĀ Canon print error 6000.

If you’re experiencing the same issue, worry not! This article offers comprehensive solutions to solveĀ the Canon printer error code 6000.

Possible causes for possible causes of Canon Printer error code 6000:

Canon printer Error Message 6000 is generally a paper jam problem. When a user attempts printing something, the error may be displayed. When this error has shown the error, it will shut off the power to the printer, and the alarm light that is green-orange in hue will flash during the slowing. There are a lot of Canon printer models such as MMG3100, MG6350 MP150, MP160, and more that are affected by this issue.

Many reasons could cause Canon, the printer, to display error code 6000. Sometimes, it has been discovered that it triggers the automatic shut down of your windows Registry system without prior warning. Below are the most frequently occurring reasons for errors 6000.

  • The line feed is damaged or scratched.
  • A few small particles, dust, or other foreign objects get stuck inside L.F. Drive. L.F. Drive and causes your printer to display an error.
  • Error codes may be visible because of a glitch in the feeds in line. by the O.S. sensor unit.

The issue could be an error in the paper feed, which can cause a jam in the tray of paper. It’s unnecessary to assume that this is the sole reason for the cause. Sometimes the error message shown when your printer attempts to print with no ink or any piece of a paper cut is stuck in the printer. This is a fundamental problem with this model of printer. Canon PIXMA 630 model. Another cause for this error message could be an issue with the connection to the system.

Method 1: Resetting The Printer


  • Remove the printer from the power source and stop it for a few minutes.
  • After a short time, you can reconnect the printer and switch it back on.
  • Hold your finger on the Power icon for about a minute. Then you can press the Stop button three times.
  • Retry these steps three to four times.
  • Release the Power button slowly.
  • Hold the stop button four times.

Method Two additional solutions

You may test it when the earlier procedure cannot resolve the Canon printer error. The route map: Walk along with the steps:

  • Clean the paper tray. Unlock the printer cover and find the tray for paper.
  • Now, you can get the report you believe is stuck there.
  • After you have removed all the documents, Try removing the tray of paper
  • Then, reinstall it properly and check that it’s correctly installed.
  • Place all the pieces together, and then restart the printer.

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