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Troubleshoot Canon printer, not printing issues!

Canon printer is not printing. A common problem that causes a lot of stress. Canon is known for producing some of the most reliable printers with advanced capabilities and user-friendly. However, there are instances when you have problems with your printer, and it goes on a lengthy vacation. What are the causes of issues like this, and how can you fix the issue? 

There are many reasons to blame, and the majority are minor. Find the cause and then look for the best solution to fix these issues.

Do you need a fast fix to Canon, not printing problems? You must first be aware of the main issues to resolve their issue. Sometimes, you encounter such problems as Canon printers not printing black, the printer Canon isn’t printing color, or canon printers is not printing wirelessly. The difficulties are numerous, but the only thing you’re trying to do is discover the solution to the issue you’re facing.

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Guide Canon printers, not printing

  • Press the button ‘On’ for a few seconds, and when it comes on, you can begin the troubleshooting procedure.
  • If the power lamp is blinking, don’t continue until the light stays on for a long time.
  • If you’ve connected the printer to the system using a USB cable, make sure that it’s connected properly to fix your 
  • Also, check whether the cable works or not.
  • If you’re using a wireless connection, it is essential to ensure whether the printer and the computer are linked to the same WIFI network.
  • Check that the tray for input is opened.
  • If you’re using it in conjunction with your system, you need to cancel all print jobs.
  • Printing is only available when the Canon printer is defaulted or selected as the printer to print.
  • Ensure that the print port is appropriately configured to correct the Canon printer issue of not printing.

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Ways to Resolve Canon Printer not Printing Black

There are a variety of causes and, in the same way, we have a wide range of solutions to solve the problem. These methods are easy and quick to implement, and you don’t need any technical skills for this. When you do the basics to solve the issue, you can use one of the methods listed below to eliminate the problem.

Start by cleaning your printer.

This is among the fundamental strategies you can employ without much trouble. Below are the steps you must adhere to complete the process.

  • Switch on the printer, and ensure there are five A4-sized sheets within the printer tray.
  • Then, open the tray for paper and the extension tray for the output tray and begin the cleaning process by clicking”Setup” or “Setup” (to select setup, click the Tools icon) on the right side that is on top of the printer.
  • Use the keys up and down to navigate the maintenance menu and press OK.
  • Within this area, you have to choose”Deep Cleaning” as the “Deep Cleaning” option and confirm by pressing YES, then OK.
  • Following this, the deep cleaning process will begin, and you will be required to complete every operation you need to do; between them, you wait three minutes to finish this cleaning procedure.
  • You will now see the confirmation of pattern printing on screen. You must click OK.

This is the simplest method to clear your printer and resolve your printer’s issue. Canon printer that prints empty pages is the only problem. If the problem persists, you have to go to the second approach.

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Check for Some Basic Things

Before you decide on a solution, check for some fundamental things, such as the level of ink and others. This will help you save time and energy when searching for the answer. The first thing to do is take a diagnostic report and print it; the information will assist you in getting to understanding the current ink levels.

  • Switch off your printer, then disconnect the device from the cables. After a few seconds, then reconnect the wires to start the printer.
  • If you print a “print test page,” you will find this option on the screen of your printer. If you cannot locate the option, consult the user’s manual and receive assistance.

This method will allow you to examine the ink level of your printer. This is not a good idea for some aftermarket cartridges. To resolve this, you must find a different method to find out the ink volume. Utilize these strategies to solve the issue of your Canon printer not printing black, and then repeat the steps in case the problem persists.

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