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How Do I Reset my Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

Japanese engineers have created some amazing machines that can be used to simplify our lives and provide us with ease of use. Canon Pixma is a multi-functional device that has been called the “smart” device of the 21st century. However, it can be challenging to operate and use if you aren’t familiar with its functions.

Canon Printers are a unique device created for modern times. They are Cloud-ready, allowing multiple users to access the same printers, making them pocket-friendly and useful in offices with many employees.

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How to do a quick factory reset?

You will hear your printer’s alarm if you press the stop button immediately. After the alarm rings almost 19 times, push the start button to restore your device’s factory settings.

You will need to install the drivers again on your computer so that the printer can remember the connections made before.

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There are many ways to reset your Canon Printer.

There are many situations where you might need to¬†reset the Canon printer. There are several ways to reset your printer in these situations. In the event of an error, a reset can restore your printer’s standard functionality, and it can also fix multiple mistakes that could prevent you from printing smoothly. Printing slow, printer not responding, and getting online are just some of the possible issues.

Power Reset Canon Printer

To resolve temporary communication issues, you should perform a power reset before proceeding to a hard reset. Unplug the printer from the power supply and take out the Ethernet cable to disconnect the printer completely. To eliminate any issues with the power strip, wait a while before plugging the printer into a power outlet. To verify that your problem is solved, return the Ethernet cable. A power reset can often fix your printer. Clear the printer queue for a fresh start. To avoid overloading the queue or the printer, print one document at a given time.

Reset Canon Printer

Inkjet Canon printers come with inbuilt chips that alert users when ink is low. The regular operation of your Canon inkjet printers can be affected if you have to replace an ink cartridge. If you replace the ink cartridge in your Canon inkjet printers, it can hurt normal printing operations.

  • Take out the ink cartridge from the Canon printer.
  • Next, insert your cartridge into the main channel on the ink reset system.
  • Next, ensure that the chip in the ink cartridge works appropriately and is in contact with the plate on the resetter.
  • Gently hold the cartridge until the LED light flashes on the chip resetter. Please keep it in place until the light is steady.
  • Then, take the cartridge out of the chip resetter. Perform the same steps for any other ink cartridges that need to be reset.
  • Install the cartridges in the Canon printer error and verify that the error has been corrected.

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