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Canon printer error b203

Are you seeing error b203 on your Canon Printer? We are going to help you understand Error B203 on your Canon Printer.

We understand that it can be frustrating to spend so much time trying to fix the Canon Error B203. There are no exact solutions and no clear manual to solve the problem.

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What’s Error B203?

Canon Error B203 indicates an internal hardware failure, but the software could also be the cause. The exact reason for error B203 is unknown. We have created a list of possible causes of error B203 in Canon Printer based on the experience of many of our techies and customers.

  1. Damaged or clogged printhead or ink cartridge
  2. Latest Firmware Update Or Corrupted Canon Driver
  3. The Temperature Or Voltage Is Fluctuating Or High
  4. Incorrect alignment of the printhead or improperly seated cartridge
  5. An empty ink cartridge or a faulty installation
  6. The Printer Gets Paper Jam or Other Foreign Debris

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How do I fix Canon MG5670 B203 errors?

You should check that the cartridge is installed correctly. Using a remote printer, make sure your switch works properly. Low ink levels can also cause this error.

Method 1 – Install ink cartridges correctly.

Ink cartridge installation problems most commonly activate this error code. If your Canon printer has received a new ink cartridge, there is a possibility that error code B203 is being displayed. Before you do any significant repairs to your printer, inspect the ink cartridge.

Refill method 2 Canon printer cartridge

Sometimes, error code B203 indicates that an ink cartridge is low. If the Canon printer uses two types of ink, this error code B203 may occur. It could be that one of your ink cartridges has run out, and it is best to fix it immediately. The problem is with your printer, and the error can be fixed by refilling the cartridge.

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Method 3 – Reconnect Canon Printer to a System

Another common reason is a poor network connection between your printer and system. Wireless media can connect the printer with your system, which will resolve the problem.

Method 4: Update the printer driver

Your printer should not be used for prolonged periods, and older drivers could cause serious problems.

  1. To open the Run dialog, press the Window+R key. Enter “devmgmt. msc” and then press the Window+R key.
  2. Now, the Device Manager window should be visible on your screen. Next, locate and right-click on the printer driver.
  3. A popup menu will appear immediately. Click on the popup menu to begin the process of updating the driver.
  4. A popup window will appear on your screen. Select the “Automatically Search to Update Driver Software” option from this window.

Driver Update will then start looking for drivers, and driver Update will search for the driver and download it to your computer. 

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