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How to Fix Error 5100 on Canon Printers

Error 5100┬áis standard in nearly the majority of Canon printers. Error 5100 is displayed on the computer’s screen, and the printer’s red color appears when printing. Before the mistake 5100 happened, the printers typically showed no evidence of damage. However, the error occurs when printing. Error 5100 is visible in the power light green, and the light for the printer changes from yellow to green.

If error 5100 is displayed, it is best to turn off the printer for a few minutes and turn it back on. Print one sheet of paper and then test. If error 5100 does not be displayed, you should investigate the following causes of the issue:

  • Injection of the hose (at printing) isn’t functioning correctly, or error 5100 can be due to a poor hose setting, which interferes with cartridges’ movement.
  • A brass connector connected to printers resulted in an error of 5100 resulting from the dirty cartridge or leaky cartridges.
  • Error 5100 can be caused by introducing foreign matter, such as paper or gravel, or other objects that block the movement.
  • Error 5100 is due to damaged or worn components.

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What is the cause of the Canon 5100 printer error?

If you’re experiencing Canon printer error 5100 when using Windows 10 or older versions, something is wrong with the printer’s ink cartridge. This error is prevalent for any model of Canon printer.

We now have a clear understanding of exactly what the Canon printer is saying. Let’s take a look at ways to solve it.

How to fix Canon Printer that is displaying Error 5100?

If you have identified the source of error 5100, you can shut off the printer before performing maintenance. If required, you need to disconnect the power cable and USB cable to the printer to prevent electrocution.

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Reset the Ink Cartridge

The ink cartridge is among the significant factors that cause the error code 5100. The ink cartridge is the most common cause of the error. Incorrect alignment of the cartridges is one reason that can cause the printer to malfunction effectively and produce error 5100. It is possible to fix this issue by resetting your Canon ink cartridges. Open the door of your Canon printer, and then reset the cartridges for ink.

Remove Jammed Materials

One of the primary causes that cause Canon error 5100 error to happen is the result of paper jamming or other items. Take these actions to fix the issue by removing the jammed material.

  • Put an end to using the Canon printer.
  • Hold on the power switch for about a second, then switch off the printing.
  • Remove the cover from the printer.
  • Check for the substance and the paper that has been jamming the cartridges.
  • Once you have figured out what’s blocking the cartridges, remove them.

Switch on the printer and check whether the error has been fixed.

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Reset the Canon Printer

If the steps above do not resolve the issue, you might need to reset your printer to remove the problem 5100. In addition, you need to restart the printer immediately and allow it to operate efficiently.

  • You have to press, hold for 10 seconds, and then let it go.

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